The Unlikely Plan

Drama Free Entertainment.

About TUP

The Unlikely Plan is a gaming community that has been in existance with a strong core for years. We strive to make gaming fun for our members while still aiming for a semi-hardcore and competitive experience with multiple evenings of gaming in a week.

Our last adventure was Guild Wars 2 Wvw, right now we are waiting for the next game to go all out on while playing different other games.

About TUP in Guild Wars 2

Since release, TUP has been a well known and respected name, largely owing to our 'never give up' attitude, friendly members, stable leadership and strong performances in World versus World. We aim to compete with the very best and always put up a good fight, win or lose, whilst maintaining a relaxed and jovial atmosphere for our members to enjoy the game. This ethic has seen TUP grow and prosper over the course of our GW2 life.

With more and more guilds leaving the game and Guild Wars 2 starting to feel stale for our members, we decided to stop raiding regularly in June 2016.

Should you have any queries, contact quenoz.3859 ingame or contact any member in-game who can direct you to an officer.